IT Support Services for Dental Practices


IT service providers operate by specifically understanding the various major brands of practice and management software used within the industry. Dental services are becoming digitalized vigorously as it allows more efficient solutions. Running automated IT practice management it is more likely to come across problems that are difficult to deal with such as the software company blaming the network and hardware and vice versa. This leads to issues in practices like waste of time coordinating between the two. It support services for dentistry will ensure that complete IT systems are running smoothly to enable in keeping practice thriving. They provide right level of costs effective IT support that dental practices needs. Utilizing IT support services can make help a company focus more on the business needs to make it more profitable. IT companies provide multiple options of services like proactive server monitoring that allows the company to monitor and fix problems with IT before it affects the system functioning and daily operations. The companies’ online back-up services are always ready and available.


Dental softwareHelp in installing, supporting and providing training services for Dentrix, Easy Dental, Eagle Soft dental works in addition to other dental office management software and dental billing software.

Office hardware, including specialty dental equipment- They install services, desktops, laptops, personal computers, tablet PCs, and server systems along with dental X-rays, RVG sensors, and intra-oral cameras. They also support and install internet phone lines for dentist offices.

HIPPAA security compliance- HIPPAA security compliance specialists that can securely store patient data so that it is compliant with HIPPA and HITECH laws. They can provide a free HIPPA compliance audit and suggest data storage solutions to solve potential vulnerabilities.

Email, website and data hosting for dental offices- They can securely store and host data. They provide 24/7 server monitoring and proactively catch potential security risks before they cause problems.

Backup and data recovery service- They provide disaster prevention and data recovery in case of power failure, electrical surges, caused by disasters. They also provide ongoing virus and malware protection that ensure safety of patient data.

Integration- It provides dynamic file storage and sharing. It reduces the need to buy an expensive server and backup to store data and files. It enables data to be stored at a secure data center that has functions of the entire tradition based windows server. It even enables employees to work from during emergency situations.

Managed services- It provides:

  • It provides continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance
  • Budgeting as it controls IT costs
  • Improves security and reduced risks
  • Staff availability so helps in quick implementation of new technology
  • Staying focused on core business
  • Trained, experienced and qualified knowledge
  • Increased efficiency

Benefits of IT Support for Dental Practices:

  • Cost effective IT support solutions and dental practices
  • Managed online backup to ensure you meet compliance with local care trusts
  • Managed firewalls keep the patient data confidential
  • Managed servers ensure that the data is always available when you need it

Dental practice IT support that is suited to the practice needs of the company

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