Sliding Gloves for Longboarding- Things you need to know

sliding gloves for longboardingThe heavy momentum of critical motions of longboard requires you to use robust sliding gloves which can meet those critical requirements. Besides protection, good sliding gloves for longboarding assists a longboarder to execute the extreme tricks and moves perfectly with confidence. Initially it may seem unnecessary to have such a pair. But when you level up, you will understand the need and feel the longboarding veterans use it.

Why should i use Sliding Gloves

Novices usually think only to balance themeselves on the board and do basic moves and tricks which doesn’t involve the hand. But on improving there comes doing more tricks and eventually everyone realize the need of a good pair of sliding gloves for longboarding. For example, do make a tricky turn you are leaning laterally or backward. Then you will need to balance your posture and avoid tripping down. Eventually your hand will tend to touch the ground to balance. What if you do that without sliding gloves for longboarding?

A good sliding glove will protect your hand and will aid in doing tricks by balancing and helping in taking turns on the track. Whether you are a novice or veteran, sliding gloves for longboarding will keep you safe and confident.

Various Parts of a Slide Glove

A pair of sliding gloves for longboarding has some unique of special features that makes it special than other gloves and thus aids in longboarding. Those parts are the puck, wrist srtap and main glove.
The Glove: This is the major part which covers and keep your hand safe. The ideal sliding gloves for longboarding are made of lightweight, flexible and durable material. Higher is the sliding glove quality, tougher is the material to be set on the knuckle area to give you more proteciton.

The Puck: This is the toughest or most robust part of the sliding gloves for longboarding. This is that part that comes in contact with the surface during the slidings performed by longboarding. Since it recieves the impact and friction of the road, it is made of hard materials. Beginners may use a softer puck while practicing on soft grounds. But those will wear off quickly though feels more comfortable. A harder one lasts longer and works wonder on any kind of surface. Sometimes the quality of your puck may draw the line between a good and a bad sliding performance with the same person and same board.

The Wrist Strap: Just like a typical glove, its funtion is to adjust the sliding gloves for longboarding to your wrist. It ensures that you don’t loose the glove while taking crticial turns with the sliding aciton of the glove.


The more you are safe and aided with longboarding gears, the more you can rule the longboard like a master. The downhill slides, critical turns on a concrete surface etc are very much critical to your hands’safety. So when you start longboarding, make sure you get the best out of the sliding gloves for longboarding.

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