Top Five Longboard Gloves in the Present Market

longboard gloves in present marketThere are several issues regarding selecting a good longboard glove. It should be sturdy and lightweight. Heavier ones seem to be troubling in proper controll but are more durable than lighter ones. Light weight gloves are easier in controlling. Then again, don’t buy a less lasting glove for buying light weight ones. Here i have presented top five longboard gloves durability, controll, safety and confort are synchronized.

Triple 8- Sliders Longboard Gloves

This is placed at the top of the top five longboard gloves. This is because it has almost all the features in one. It has got pucks, thumps and the fingertips to cover all round safety. The most sensitive portion, i.e. the fingertips are made of top grain leather which stabilized with Kevler. You get another advantage is that you can replace the sliders.

Sliders Downhill Glove by Triple 8

Triple 8 is a quite marvelous brand in terms of balancing between price and quality. This glove has rocketed into the top five longboard gloves list because of it’s specially designed for downhill and also other tricks and moves too. This model comes with Kevler fingertips which are designed for easy movement and grabbing. It has the sliders which are replacable. The cuffs are with wraparound strap to give you more protection. This glove is specially designed for downhill but is fit to use in other skateboarding and longboarding too.

Freeride Space Slide Glove by Landyachtz

This is also a lightweight and durable pair. Made of a mixed material of Nylon and Kevler, it’s sued which ensures both the lightweight feeling and durable service. Every glove has some specific parts where it’s more prone to wear and tear. Here those parts are double stitched to ensure less and wear and long lasting. UHMW which is super lasting is used here to make your replaceable puck. You know how much strong a puck needs to be and this material ensure that. Overall this is a pair worth staying in the top five longboard gloves list.

Loaded Slide Gloves V6

It’s a pair that has durability and brethable mesh that lets your hands in for longer period of time. It has the spot on fabric, which is very much durable. The pucks are adjustable and made of robust material that ensures durability and performance. So your control and safety are better now with this one of the top five longboard gloves. The wrist emplys EVA removable foam. That protects your wrist and provides comfort.

Another big thing is in this era of leather, this is one is totally and truely vegan. No animal derivatives have been used in its manufacture. That’s eco friendly, isn’t it?

V6 Loaded Sliding Gloves

This is, should i say a royal glove? Because it comes with 3 mm vibration resistant foamed palm, dense grip printed fingers, neoprene wrist wrap for additional support and Derilin 9 balled puck. Can you feel its Performance? It’s a pair that veterans always check out. It’s absolutely one of the top five longboard gloves.

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